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THE ITO EN TRANSMUTER: Activating XM’s Hidden Properties

Tecthulhu Research and the Discovery of XM-Spin


Tecthulhu研究与XM-Spin的发现 (更多…)

The Experts 专家 (Felicia Hajra-Lee)

Original The Experts

As the dust settled around them, a figure stepped through cloud, moving toward them both.  A ghost.  A demon.  The angel of death. 



Devra realized they had met before. 

德芙拉意识到他们曾见过。 (更多…)


Hank makes contact with Misty… It’s unclear what they talked about it, but whatever it is, it appears to have shaken him…

Hank和Misty联系过,虽然不知道二人谈了什么,但从他后来和Drvra的谈话来看,Hank的观点被Misty影响了。 (更多…)

Once upon a time in PUERTO RICO

I was able to gain access to this conversation between Hank Johnson and Devra Bogdanovich. These two Niantic Investigators share a long history as friends and collaborators — and this poses a unique challenge: Their shared memories and vocabulary makes parsing their conversations difficult.——PAC

PAC获得了Hank Johnson和Devra Bogdanovich的对话记录,这两位Niantic调查员作为朋友和搭档的历史悠久,他们自有一套交流的语言和共通的回忆,使得解读对话内容是个特殊挑战。

Chatting with my friends (un-player)

聊天是在平时一个游戏/生活的基友群里进行的,里面基本都不是ingress玩家,只有“Real Madrid果”是我曾经安利的河南绿军(升级速度缓慢的咸鱼) 
昵称“~( ̄▽ ̄~)(~ ̄▽ ̄)~”的人简称“点心”,又名话题终结者。作为我的忠实簇拥存在(自我设定为AI) 
每天都在上演中二度十足的聊天。 (更多…)

Ingress The Niantic Project Files_Volume 1_0000


Chapter 1 | November 2012
The Sphere of Weirdness

Chapter 2 | December 2012
The Niantic Calamity

Chapter 3 | January 2013
The Jarvis Resurrection

Chapter 4 | February 2013
The Shaping Spreads

Chapter 5 | March 2013
Shifting Alignments

Chapter 6 | April 2013
The Dispersal

Chapter 7 | May 2013
The Equation Changes

Chapter 8 | June 2013
A Coded Threat

Chapter 9 | July 2013
Dark Symbols

Chapter 10 | August 2013
The Janus Revelation

Chapter 11 | September 2013
Teeth of the Hydra (更多…)