Quantum entanglement

“Imagine you are a photon, a packet of light. You are a tiny blip of energy, hurtling through the universe on your own. But you have a twin, another photon to whom you have been intimately connected since the day you were born. Now matter what distance separates you, be it the width of a lab bench or the breadth of the universe, you mirror each other.”——Speaking of Science Quantum entanglement, science’s ‘spookiest’ phenomenon, achieved in space



Catalyst 触媒者——Devra Bogdanovich
Explorer 探险家——Hank Johnson
Dreamer 梦想家——Roland Jarvis
Alchemist 炼金术士——Oliver Lynton-Wolfe
Spiritualist 唯心论者——Stein Lightman
Omniscient 全知者——ADA
Interpreter 译者——Carrie Campbell
Trickster 魔术师——Misty Hannah
Skeptic 怀疑论者——Martin Schubert
Listener 倾听者——Enoch Dalby
Visionary 远见者——Victor Kureze
Humanist 人文主义者——Yuri Alaric Nagassa
Patron 赞助人——Ezekiel Calvin



Chaotic Matter (Dark XM) 混沌物质(黑暗XM)
Control Fields 控制立场
Enlightened 启蒙/开明
Epiphany Night 顿悟之夜
Exogenous 外源
Exogenous Era 外源时代
Exogenous Entities - N’zeer 外源实体-N'zeer
Exogenous Entities - Shapers 外源实体-Shapers


The Diodati Villa 迪欧达第别墅
Persepolis.​ Known Anti-Magnus associated Anomalous Zone 波斯波利斯(古波斯帝国都城之一),已知的反M组织相关异常区域
Anomalous Zones - Activation 异常区域-激活
Anomalous Events (XM Anomaly Events) 异常事件(XM异常)


13MAGNUS 13玛格努斯
Abaddon/ABADN 阿巴顿
Anti-Magnus 反玛格努斯
Access Points (AP) 准入点
Anomalous Zones 异常区域
The Afghan Anomaly 阿富汗异常
The Jahanite Palace Jahanite宫殿
Enlightened Compound 启蒙复合(大苏尔,加利福尼亚附近)
Mount Vesuvius 维苏威火山