The White Ship 白船 (译文转)

H.P.洛夫克拉夫特,作于1919年11月,发表于《The United Amateur》1919年11月号


I am Basil Elton, keeper of the North Point light that my father and grandfather kept before me. Far from the shore stands the grey lighthouse, above sunken slimy rocks that are seen when the tide is low, but unseen when the tide is high. Past that beacon for a century have swept the majestic barques of the seven seas. In the days of my grandfather there were many; in the days of my father not so many; and now there are so few that I sometimes feel strangely alone, as though I were the last man on our planet.

我叫巴希尔·埃尔顿 (Basil Elton) ,继承了父亲和祖父的工作,在北角灯塔担任守灯人。灰色的灯塔远离海岸建造,泥泞的礁石只在落潮时才露出海面。灯塔建成之后的一个世纪里,从七大洋中驶来的三桅帆船都会和它擦肩而过,在我祖父的时代,这样的时候很多,而到我父亲这一代就很少了。如今我已几乎见不到航经此处的只帆片影,有时,这会使我感到莫名的寂寞,仿佛我是这颗星球上的最后一人。 (更多…)