Message to Misty

Hank Johnson试图在周末发出这条消息,但因为一些不明原因,它没在他的G+上放出来。



#Transcript来自+Gerald Wolf

Hello, agents. Hank Johnson here.

This NOMAD extra is coming to you from the rainforest of Queensland, Australia. The Brisbane anomaly is complete and the Enlightened have won the day. I breathe a sigh of relief at this. I say this because if the Resistance had been victorious then the plans that Misty Hannah had to lure an exogenous entity into her mind palace would have been controlled by the N’Zeer. A horrific thing for humankind.

But Misty is still out there. And if she’s watching, I just wanna say, “Come back inside. We can help you. As skilled as you are, this (this) thing you’re undertaking is beyond the scope of your abilities and you’re inviting disaster. I think I know where you are, Misty. Stay there and I’ll find you.”

Agents, if you need me, I’ll be in the western desert, south-east of perth; searching for a dark xm mine. So until our paths cross again, Hank Johnson out.

Hi 特工们,这里是Hank Johnson。


布里斯班的异常已经结束,由启蒙军获得当日胜利。我算是松了口气。之所以这么说是因为假如抵抗军获胜的话,Misty Hannah的记忆宫殿就会吸引到一个被“N’Zeer”控制的外星智慧。这对人类来说是件可怕的事。


诸位,如果你们需要我,我就在西部沙漠,Perth的东南方向,在寻找一个黑暗XM矿脉。 等到我们的路线再次交汇,我会出现。