Network intrusion team has retrieved internal fies from the Superterram’s network, inspect them and find the source of the bodies.



Hi Ralph,

As you know, we had an accident yesterday. A door was left unlocked and one of the specimens escaped from Facility B and  almost made it to the perimeter. Luckily, the dogs stopped him in time, and we did not have a full blown incident on our hands.

I will be hiring additional security for future production periods, but we there may be another solution. Can you speak with our supplier about possible sedation methods?

Thank you,

Jessica Han



Hello Jessica,

Additional security personnel is a good idea, but you also need to make sure all your staff are more diligent. We cannot let this kind of thing happen again.

As for sedationg the specimens, I’m hesitant. We don’t know how that may affect production. We do not want to taint our supplies with anything unnecessary, and the raw material is volatile enough as is, so throwing new chemicals into the mix is risky. For now, the best approach is increased security and diligence.



Thank you,

Ralph Normand


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