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THE ITO EN TRANSMUTER: Activating XM’s Hidden Properties

Tecthulhu Research and the Discovery of XM-Spin



In late 2016, Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe created an XM interfacing device now know as a “Tecthulhu”. His work built upon decades of research by Nigel Moyer, a physicist with ties to British Intelligence. The “Moyer Tecthulhu” was unstable and its potential never fully realized. It was destroyed by the actions of Agents during Via Noir. Its remains were transported to the Niantic Project for analysis by HAZDATA, a corporation contracted by the NIA, and IQTech was provided unfettered access.

在2016年底,Oliver Lynton-Wolfe博士发明了一种名为“Tecthulhu”的XM接口设备。他接手了与英国情报部门有联系的物理学家Nigel Moyer的研究。“Moyer Tecthulhu”装置很不稳定,潜能也没完全发掘。在Via Noir行动中,被特工们所摧毁。装置的残骸被NIA的合作公司HAZDATA转送到Niantic Project进行分析,并且IQTech公司获得对其不受限制的访问。

It had been hypothesized that Tecthulhu devices are somehow able to express their creators’ subconscious intentions, but this mechanism was not understood. To enable further testing, the Moyer Tecthulhu’s core was modularized and distributed to Agents at 13MAGNUS:Reawakens. These Agents were tasked with creating “Portal Luminace Projects”, artistic constructs that used “Tecthulhu Modules” in order to intergrate with the XM substrate.

据推测Tecthulhu装置可以以某种方式体现出创造者的潜在意图,但这种机制还未被理解。为了进一步测试,Moyer Tecthulhu的核心被模块化并分发给参加13MAGNUS:Reawakens活动的特工们。这些特工被授予创造“Portal Luminance Project”的任务,其作为使用Tecthulhu模块建造的艺术装置,意在整合XM基底。

The discoveries that followed were groundbreaking, and led directly to the creation of the ITO EN TRANSMUTER. While “spin” at the quantum particle level is well understood, such properties had not yet been seen in relation to Exotic Matter. The data provided by the “Portal Luminace Projects” revealed that Tecthulhu devices leverage XM-Spin in order to change the nature of their own manifestation.

随之而来的发现极具突破性,直接促成ITO EN TRANSMUTER的产生。尽管在量子力学中的粒子的“自旋”很好理解,但这类性质在与XM相关的方面还未被发现。“Portal Luminance Project”提供的数据显示Tecthulhu装置可以通过改变XM自旋方向以改变其显示的性质。

Collaboration with ITO EN and Debelopment of the ITO EN TRANSMUTER


Top IQTech researchers from the USA and Japan were tasked with immediately exploring the potential of XM-Spin. Akira Tsukasa, who heads IQTech East, began seeking a partner to accelerate the development process and provide a suitable Portal subnetwork for testing.

来自美国和日本的IQTech公司顶级研究员都被授予即刻探索XM自旋潜在能力的任务。IQTech East的负责人Akira Tsukasa开始寻求合作伙伴以加速研发进程,同时提供了一个适宜的Portal子网络进行测试。

ITO EN was an natural fit. The company has always maintained keen interest in the vitalizing and transformational power of XM, and their vast Portal subnetwork blankets Japan. ITO EN granted Tsukasa immediate access to the resources IQTech needed to proceed with research and development.

这与ITO EN一拍即合。这家公司一直对激活并转换XM能量持有浓厚兴趣,并且其广阔的Portal网络遍布日本。ITO EN即刻授权Tsukasa访问IQTech所需继续研究与开发的资源。

Exploiting XM’s “Up” and “Down” spins, the ITO EN TRANSMUTER is the first Portal Mod to exist as variants and serve multiple functions: The Up variant (+) transmutes hacked Portal items into defensive or infrastructural XM objects such as Resonators or Shields. The Down variant (-) transmutes hacked objects into offense oriented items such as XMP Bursters. Other types of XM-Spin remain an open area of study.

利用XM 的上下自旋,ITO EN TRANSMUTER成为第一个二重存在且具多种功能的Portal Mod:向上(+)的种类将入侵获取的Portal道具转变成防御性或建设性的XM对象,例如谐振器或盾。向下(-)的种类将入侵获取的Portal道具转变成具有攻击倾向的道具,例如XMP炸弹。其他种类的XM自旋仍有待研究。