Enoch Dalby伊诺·多尔比
Hank Johnson汉克·约翰逊
Misty Hannah米丝蒂·汉娜
Oliver Lynton-Wolfe奥利弗·林顿沃尔夫
Roland Jarvis罗兰·贾维斯
Martin Schubert马丁·舒伯特
Stein Lightman斯坦因·莱特曼
Yuri Alaric Nagassa尤里·亚拉里克·内加萨
ADA (A Detection Algorithm)一种检测算法
P. A. Chapeau (PAC)​P·A·沙波
Susanna Moyer​苏珊娜·莫耶
Yuen Ni袁妮
Dr. Edgar Wright埃德加·赖特博士

Enoch Dalby:A musician, sensitive and member of the Niantic Project. Romantically involved with Carrie Campbell, the pair of them being synesthetes. His music would inspire Carrie to respond with sketches based on what she heard in his creations. Some of his music can be found on Soundcloud.

Enoch Dalby伊诺·多尔比:音乐家,属于敏感者,也是NIA项目的一员。与Carrie Campbell的联系可谓浪漫密切,属于联觉者的一对。他在进行音乐创作时能启发嘉莉对所听到的音符来绘制草图。他的一些音乐作品可以在Soundcloud上找到。地址:https://soundcloud.com/enoch-dalby


Hank Johnson:​Former special forces operative, an archaeological researcher and an XM Sensitive. Sponsored by Dr. Calvin to explore what Hank termed ‘power spots’ and what have been determined to be Portals and/or Anomalous Zones.

Hank Johnson汉克·约翰逊:前特种部队成员,考古研究员及XM敏感者。由加尔文博士赞助,探索汉克提及的“能量点”和已经确定的门泉/异常区域的信息。


Misty Hannah:A magician and mentalist with a long and colored background serving in government think-tanks, specifically those exploring fringe scientific possibilities such as remote viewing, ESP etc.

Misty Hannah米丝蒂·汉娜:魔术师和超感者,有着长期为政府智库服务的多彩背景,特别是那些探索边缘学科的可能性项目,如远程观察,超感官知觉(Extra-sensory perception)等等。

Oliver Lynton-Wolfe:​​A key member of the Niantic Project team who developed much of the XM technology currently being used today, including Resonators, XMPs & Power Cubes. Following the shuttering of the Niantic Project, he eagerly moved to the private sector to capitalize on his knowledge.

Oliver Lynton-Wolfe奥利弗·林顿沃尔夫:Nia项目团队的关键成员,开发了目前正在使用的多种XM技术道具,包括谐振器,XMP和能量方块。Nia项目结束后他便迫切转入私营部门以利用他的知识。

Roland Jarvis:​A sculptor, Jarvis’s artistic forms were in fact design templates for sophisticated XM objects that Lynton-Wolfe was able to reimagine at the quantum scale. Jarvis was executed at a train station in Zurich, but remained able to speak from the beyond through Portals — spurring many to follow his ‘Enlightened’ vision. Was re-created in human form due to the events of Operation 13MAGNUS. Maintained a strong opposition to AI and formed an organization designed to prevent AI’s development and spread.

Roland Jarvis罗兰·贾维斯:一名雕塑家。贾维斯的艺术形式实际上提供了林顿沃尔夫能在量子尺度上重新构想尖端XM道具的设计模板。贾维斯在苏黎世的一个火车站被刺杀,但他仍能通过门泉网络对外界发言——激励许多人跟随他的“启蒙”愿景。由于13MAGNUS行动被重建为人类形态。有着强烈反对AI的主张并建立了一个旨在防止AI发展传播的组织。


Martin Schubert:​​Part of the original Niantic Project, brought in for an alternate point of view. Initially skeptical of project’s research, but began to see positive benefits of XM and formed a collaborative relationship with Hank Johnson for some time.

Martin Schubert马丁·舒伯特:NIA项目起源的一份子,给项目引入了另一种观点。最初是对此研究报怀疑态度,但自从看到XM的积极效益后,与汉克·约翰逊保持了一段时间的合作关系。


Stein Lightman:​A self described quantum theologian, Stein’s most major breakthrough involved using his knowledge of arcane languages and symbols to help crack the meaning of the Shaper Glyph language and create the first dictionary of Shaper Glyphs.

Stein Lightman斯坦因·莱特曼:自我描述为量子神学家。斯坦因最主要的发现突破是使用了他奥秘语言和符号知识帮助破解了Shaper符文语言的含义,并编撰了第一部Shaper符文字典。


Yuri Alaric Nagassa:​An​ Astrophysicist, Yuri was recruited for Niantic based on his discovery of seemingly ordered signals from gamma rays. His background as an adopted member of a largely uncontacted tribe in South America provided him with a unique perspective that many at Niantic found invaluable.

Yuri Alaric Nagassa尤里·亚拉里克·内加萨:天体物理学家。尤里被NIA招募是因为他发现了伽马射线里看似有序的信号。由于有着被南美大型原始部落收养为部族成员的背景,他在NIA的发现很多都具备着独特的视角。


ADA (A Detection Algorithm):. An AI inhabiting every node of the infosphere including, for a time, the human brain. Developed by H. Richard Loeb and Henry Bowles leveraging a fork of the reconnaissance codebase known as Omnivore. It is possible that ADA gained sentience as a result of XM exposure during the Niantic Project. She seems to be growing in complexity and ambition, while also remaining deeply interested in exploring both the human brain as well as the N’zeer substrate as computational mediums. Her current activities are unknown, though she still inhabits all Ingress Scanners.

ADA (A Detection Algorithm)一种检测算法:栖身于每个信息空间节点的AI,有一段时间还包括人脑。由H·理查德·罗伯和亨利·鲍尔斯利用一种称为“Omnivore”的检索代码库开发。在NIA项目期间,ADA可能是因为暴露在泄漏的XM里而获得知觉。她的复杂度和野心似乎一直在增长,对以人类大脑和N’zeer基质作为计算媒介的研究仍然很感兴趣。她目前的活动区域未知,尽管她仍居住在所有Ingress探测仪上。

  1. A. Chapeau (PAC):​​(real name: H. Richard Loeb) A private ‘journalist’ who currently runs Investigate Ingress. Served on the Niantic Project as a ‘trainer’ for ADA, helping the AI learn human language and behaviourisms. After he left the Niantic Project he secretly communicated with ADA who code-named him P. A. Chapeau (a pun on Tin Foil Hat) because, at the time, the investigation seemed fringe in nature. Was largely responsible for the public revelations about most of the NIA’s secret XM research using his then investigation board website at nianticproject.com
  2. A. Chapeau (PAC)P·A·沙波:(真名H·理查德·罗伯)以“私人记者”的身份运作着Investigate Ingress网站。在NIA项目中担任ADA的“训练师”,帮助AI学习人类语言和行为方式。他离开NIA项目后就以P.A.Chapeau的假名和ADA秘密沟通(Tin Foil Hat:锡箔帽的双关语,指的是有偏执倾向和被迫害妄想症的一类人群,戴上了锡箔帽,就可以使大脑屏蔽外界磁场,保护心灵免受控制。P.A.Chapeau大概是法语Porter un chapeau的意思),因为当时他的调查处在边缘性质。通过网站nianticproject.com的调查板向大众公示NIA的秘密和XM的研究内容。


Klue:​​A young XM conspiracist and master puzzle solver. ADA had, some time ago, managed to successfully leverage an XM interface and Shaper glyphs to synchronize and bind with her mind. It is thought by some that ADA may have done this in order to carry on a relationship with Loeb and explore human emotions. Loeb was able to extract ADA from Klue’s mind, but Klue was never quite the same again. It is believed that after a traumatic experience at the Enlightened Compound she was transported to Oliver Lynton-Wolfe’s Tecthulhu and has since merged with the Ultimate or the N’zeer Substrate.

Klue可路:年轻的解谜大师和XM阴谋论者。ADA不久前成功设法通过XM接口和Shaper符文同步和绑定了她的思维。有人认为ADA这么做是为了继续和罗伯(PAC)保持关系以便探究人类的情感。虽然罗伯从Klue思想中剥离出了ADA,但Klue再也不是从前的自己了。据悉在经历了Enlightened Compound的创伤事件后,她被送至奥利弗·林顿沃尔夫的科苏鲁设备处与Ultimate或者N’zeer基质结合了。

Susanna Moyer:​​A former host of the Ingress Report, and an ex-NIA operative. Daughter of Nigel Moyer. Missing and presumed dead. May have been incorporated in some way, shape or form into Lynton-Wolfe’s Tecthulhu.

Susanna Moyer苏珊娜·莫耶:Ingress报告的前任主持人及前NIA侦探。Nigel Moyer(奈杰尔·莫耶)的女儿。失踪并暂定已死亡。可能以某种形态或组成通过某种方式融入了奥利弗·林顿沃尔夫的科苏鲁装置。

Yuen Ni:​Former head of the NIA. While there, she diverted funds to XM research, eventually teaming up with Dr. Calvin to start Niantic Project. When that dissolved, she began (possibly serving as a double agent) working for Hulong Transglobal – a Chinese Corporation with extensive interests in XM.

Yuen Ni袁妮:原NIA首脑,在位时将资金转移至XM研究领域,最后联手加尔文博士启动了NIA计划。在项目解体后,她(可能作为双面特工)开始为环球互龙工作——一家对XM有着广泛兴趣的中国公司。

Dr. Edgar Wright:​​A respected scientist and researcher, Wright may have been significantly neurally damaged by some form of XM exposure. Founder of Operation: Essex, an open source community that aims to document and explore a myriad of topics related to Exotic Matter and the Ingress Investigation.

Dr. Edgar Wright埃德加·赖特博士:受人敬重的科学家和研究员。赖特可能因为暴露在XM下神经系统显著受到损伤。Operation: Essex的创始人(https://plus.google.com/communities/117368337781687210813) :一个开源社群,旨在记录和探究与XM及Ingess调查相关的信息。