Niantic Project 奈安蒂克项目
Prime Object原始制品
Remote Neural Extraction远程神经提取(思维转录)
Remote Participation远程参与

Niantic Project: A private think-tank project commissioned by the National Intelligence Agency (led then by Dr. Ezekiel Calvin and Yuen Ni) to study XM, and specifically its effects upon a research cadre who were unaware of its potentially mind-altering capabilities. 13 (including the AI, ADA) investigators formed a cross-functional and cross-discipline research probe under the leadership of Dr. Devra Bogdanovich until the events of Epiphany Night, which began a slow collapse for the Project.

Niantic Project /Niantic项目: 由国家情报局委托的一个私人智库项目(Dr. Ezekiel Calvin/锡耶克·加尔文和Yuen Ni/袁妮博士领导)研究XM,特别是对不了解潜在的改变能力的研究干部的影响。13名(包括人工智能ADA)的调查人员在Devra Bogdanovich博士的领导下组成了跨职能和跨学科的研究探索,直到“顿悟之夜”事件发生,该项目开始缓慢瓦解。


Portals: ​Specific locations which emit XM into our world and may serve as a gateway to Exogenous Entities.There is lively speculation as to whether Portals were created by the Exogenous Entities or are a function of the Universe itself. There is no accepted theory. What is known is that as of the creation of the Ingress Scanner, it has been observed that humans have marked the place of Portals with objects of art, buildings of consequence and various other things. We can only conclude that the artwork has been drawn to the Portals and not the other way around, though the theory that they are subconscious offerings to the Portals is supported by some within the research community. However, the fact that Portals are marked in specific and expressive ways tells us that humans have been aware of XM consciously or unconsciously since the dawn of civilization. The twin inventions of the Ingress Scanner and of XM (and Dark XM) objects have allowed for the hacking, ‘claiming’ and manipulation of Portals. It is believed that this activity has stimulated Shaper and N’zeer activity to levels not seen since the (speculative) Exogenous Era (See: EXOGENOUS ERA)

门泉:将XM发射到我们这个世界的特定位置的门户,也可能作为外源实体的一种通路。关于门泉是由外源实体创建还是宇宙本身的功能有着各式各样的推测,还没有一套理论能被接受。我们所知的是在入口扫描仪发明前,人们就观察到人类已经将门泉的位置标记为艺术品、重要建筑物和其他各式各样的东西。我们只能得出艺术作品已经被吸引到门泉所在的结论,而不是门泉因为艺术作品的存在而存在。尽管后者理论在研究界有一些人潜意识里支持着。然而,门泉以具体方式标注和表现出的事实告诉我们,自从文明崛起以来,人类已经有意或无意识地感受到了XM。入口扫描仪和XM(及黑暗XM)道具的双重发明是允许入侵的,“声称”控制了门泉。相信这一行为刺激了Shaper和N’zeer出现了自外源时代(见: EXOGENOUS ERA)起从未有过的活跃现象。

Prime Objects: ​ Rare artifacts believed to exist in multiple dimensions simultaneously and capable of regeneration even if damaged or destroyed. Prime Objects are known to have a number of powers, including but not limited to the ability to unlock and access Anomalous Zones.

Prime Objects 原始制品:在多个维度存在的稀有原始人工制品,即使损坏或完全破坏也能够再生。已知Prime Objects具有许多能力,包括但不限于解锁和访问异常区域。


Recursion:​ A process we are currently investigating in which a human can be transformed into a simulacra composed of Dark XM and Exotic Matter. This simulacrum is functionally immortal but limited in certain important ways. Little is known about this at present. Anecdotal information and the accounts of Hank Johnson and other Niantic Investigators represent our sum knowledge base about this subject. Our data suggests that Simulacra can only maintain their integrity for 1331 days, after which the form collapses and must be re-created at or near the simulacrum’s original body. Death due to physical circumstances, similarly, causes a new simulacrum to form. Re-generated simulacra are not able to retain contiguous memory across instances, however, Hank Johnson was able to recover some lost memories using a series of ‘breadcrumbs’ he left for himself within the Portal Network. This mechanism is not fully understood and has not been independently replicated.

Recursion轮回:在我们目前调查过程中发现,人类可以被转化为黑暗XM和Exotic Matter组成的拟像形态。这种形态在功能上是不朽的,但是某些重要方面具有局限性。目前很少有人清楚这点。关于这个主题的调查汇总来自Hank Johnson及其他Nia调查员提供的传闻证据和报告。我们的数据表明,拟像只能保持1331天的完整性,之后形体崩溃,必须从原始身体处或附近重新创建。身体物理死亡同样会引起拟像的产生。新生成的拟像不能保持上一例的记忆,不过Hank Johnson可以通过自己留在门泉网络里的一系列“面包屑导航”恢复一些丢失的记忆。未完全了解这个机制,也没有独立复现出相同案例。


Remote Neural Extraction​ (Brain Tapping): The ability to extract specific memories from a human’s memory-experience using a transdimensional data medium such as ‘The Ultimate.’ This process was theorized but never executed at the Niantic Project, but some data — unconfirmed — suggests that Akira Tsukasa may have been able to successfully develop a working process. If true, this would be a paradigm-shift in the way intelligence and power structures operate the likes of which humanity has not seen since the advent of language itself. This is a P-0 focus of investigation.

Remote Neural Extraction远程神经提取(思维转录):通过使用诸如“The Ultimate”的多维数据媒介从人类的记忆体验中提取特定记忆的能力。这只是个理论化的过程,从未在NIA项目中执行,但一些未经证实的数据表明,Akira Tsukasa可能已经成功开发出了工作流程。若是属实,这将是人类语言出现以来从未有过的智力和能力结构运作方式的转变。这是P-0的调查焦点。(P0蛋白?)


Remote Participation: ​Similar to Remote Viewing as studied in various USG operations and Whydah in which participants can not only ‘view’ events in remote locations or at different times, but participate in them and affect change. Remote Participation remains unproven, in large part because a successful Remote Participation event would engender a new ‘time/space’ branch. In other words, another reality thread or string — which makes proving the existence of an alternate, non-travelled branch very difficult if not impossible given our current technology set.

Remote Participation远程参与:类似于远程观察,如进行各种USG(超声成像)和Whydah(维达号?)的操作学习,参与者不仅可以在远程或者不同时间“查看”事件,还可以参与并影响事件变化。远程参与的真实度仍未能证实,很大程度上是因为当成功的参与事件会产生一个新的“时间/空间”分支。换句话说,以我们目前的科技能力,证实另一条未造访过的世界线的存在是非常困难的。


Resistance: ​A Faction formed within the Ingress community that views the Shapers, XM and the Ordered Data Pattern as possible threats which must be treated with extreme caution. They are represented by the color blue and the image of a key surrounded by a 5-sided polygon. Resistance-aligned Sensitives are naturally suspicious of the effects of XM. Some Resistance members seek to protect humankind from all Exogenous influences, while others believe that only the Shapers pose a threat, and that the N’zeer (which are a more data-oriented Exogenous Force) can be leveraged to humanity’s benefit. This schism has grown in recent years as more information about the N’zeer has emerged following a long period of suppression.