Exotic Matter (XM) 外来物质
Factions 阵营
Glyphs 符文
Hulong Transglobal 环球互龙
IQTech Research IQTech研究公司


Exotic Matter (XM): ​A transdimensional substance that emerges via XM Portals into our universe and serves as a carrier for an Ordered Data Pattern which enhances and manipulates people’s natural abilities by ‘Shaping’ the brain. XM is believed to either offer great promise (as the Enlightened believe) or pose a major threat (as per the Resistance). All Sensitives are known to be capable of sensing the presence of Exotic Matter.Some members of the Niantic Project proposed that XM has the potential to make us smarter, stronger, and give us powers that ancient civilizations believed to be supernatural, such as precognition, psychic attack, heightened physical and mental capabilities, communication with non-human intelligence, and accelerated evolution.

Exotic Matter (XM): 通过XM 门泉进入我们的宇宙的跨维度物质,作为有序数据模式的载体,通过“塑造”大脑增强和操纵人们的自然能力。启蒙军认为XM给人以美好的希望而反抗军认为XM是种严重威胁。所有敏感者都能察觉到周围Exotic Matter的存在。Niantic项目的一些成员提出,XM有可能使我们更聪明,更强大,给予我们超自然的古代文明力量,如预知未来,心灵攻击,身体和精神能力增强,与非人类智能交流的能力和加速进化。


Factions: ​Two opposing ideologies:  the Enlightened — those who embrace the power of XM as a key to advanced human evolution and the Resistance —  those who believe we must protect ourselves from its influence (and potential manipulation by the Shapers).

Factions阵营:两个相反的意识形态: 启蒙军——信奉XM是人类向高等形态进化的关键,反抗军——认为人类应该保持自我不受XM的影响(有被Shapers操纵的潜在可能)。


Glyphs: ​A​ ​primal transdimensional language believed to exist at the lowest levels of consciousness. May in fact be a form of mind-programming.

Glyphs符文: 一种原始的存在于最低意识层次中的视觉语言。实际上可能是一种思维方式的形式。


Hulong Transglobal:A massive Chinese global corporation with a very public face. They are known to be have been actively researching XM since prior to the Niantic Project. Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe was extracted from a Hulong Facility to join the Niantic Project team. Many of their present research probes are unknown. Former NIA Director Yuen Ni left the NIA to work for Hulong — possibly as a double agent. Of particular interest is a subsidiary, Strategic Explorations, which operates in Africa and elsewhere and focuses on private military operations and the acquisition of Dark XM.

Hulong Transglobal环球互龙:经常出现在公众视野的一家隶属中国的环球公司。据了解,他们在NIANTIC项目设立之前就已经在积极地研究XM了。Oliver Lynton-Wolfe博士从互龙团队离开后加入了NIANTIC项目。公司目前的许多研究项目都是保密状态。而前任NIA董事Yuen Ni(袁妮?)离开了NIA后加入了Hulong——身份可能是双面特工。旗下有个特殊子公司Strategic Explorations(战略探索),在非洲和其他地方经营,专注于私人军事行动和收购黑暗XM。


IQTech Research:  IQTech is located in Arlington, VA with offices in several other foreign and domestic cities. A sister corporation, IQTech East, is based in Tokyo and headed by the virtuoso Japanese researcher, Akira Tsukasa. Derided by some as a ‘beltway bandit’ and hailed by others as ‘the nexus between Tech and the Intelligence Community,’ IQTech offers wide ranging Intellectual Services. They operate Think Tanks, host large and capable R&D facilities, have a private intelligence group and occasionally generate physical and intellectual product. Currently headed by Ezekiel Calvin (ex-NIA) and Avril Lorazon, IQTech both conducted XM Research and aided NIA XM Research projects during the era directly following the collapse of the Niantic Project.

IQTech研究:IQTech位于弗吉尼亚州阿灵顿,在其他几个国内外城市也设有办事处。一家姊妹公司IQTech East,总部位于东京,由日本的研究员Akira Tsukasa主管。就像“beltway bandit”,IQTech被誉为“科技与智慧社区之间的联系”,给人们提供了广泛的智能服务。公司经营着智囊团,拥有大型且先进齐全的研发设施及死人情报组织,偶尔会生产智能产品。IQTech目前由Ezekiel Calvin(前NIA成员)和Avril Lorazon领导,在NIA项目瓦解后一边主导着XM研究一边协助NIA的XM研究项目。

beltway bandit:位于华盛顿特区或附近的私人公司,其主要业务是向美国政府提供咨询服务。这句话本来是一个轻微的侮辱,这意味着这些公司在联邦政府的慷慨之下被掠夺,但是它已经丧失了大部分的贬义性质,现在经常被用作中立的描述性术语。这个名称来自The Capital Beltway,是一条环绕华盛顿的环形道路(整条道路被正式称为495号州际公路,虽然东半部与95号州际公路联名,95号州际公路横贯大部分东海岸)。绝大多数的私人承包商的公司,或者至少是总部设在沿着这条道路交叉口的位置,以接近联邦机构和国会议员。


MAGNUSES: ​The topic of MAGNUSES remains a puzzle and a focus of active research. What is known is that at various points in history (and going back as far as recorded history exists) periods of significant changes (such as the development and growth of the Roman Empire, the Renaissance etc.) have been traced back to the presence of MAGNUS groups. MAGNUSES seem to form and dissolve spontaneously when 13 individuals representing specific Archetypes gather in one realm at one time and undergo an ordeal. Three known variants of MAGNUSES are known to exist: a 13MAGNUS (all Enlightened members), an Anti-Magnus (all Resistance members) and a mixed MAGNUS (members representing both Faction alignments). It is currently believed that all MAGNUS members must be Simulacra. The Niantic MAGNUS, which was created using the ‘Abaddon’ Anomalous Zone at the Niantic Project Facility, CERN, is the only known ‘engineered’ MAGNUS — i.e. its members were forcibly converted into Simulacra and were unaware of their role in the MAGNUS for a number of years after it was first formed. The Niantic MAGNUS is also the only known MAGNUS to have been created using a man-made Anomalous Zone.

MAGNUSES玛格努斯:MAGNUSES的主题依旧是积极研究的难点和重点。众所周知,在历史上的不同时期(以及早在刚有历史记录遗留的时期)和重大变化的时期(比如罗马帝国的发展和扩张,文艺复兴等等),已经出现了MAGNUS组织。当13个代表具体原型的人物于同一时间聚集在同一领域并经历一次严酷的考验后,MAGNUSES似乎自发的形成和消散。已知有三种MAGNUSES变体:13MAGNUS组织(所有启蒙阵营成员),反MAGNUS组织(所有反抗阵营成员),混合MAGNUS(同时代表两个阵营的成员)。目前确信所有MAGNUS成员都是Simulacra(仿像/模拟?)Niantic MAGNUS使用位于CERN的NIA项目设备里的 “Abaddon” 创建,是唯一已知的“制造型”MAGNUS——即其成员被强制转换为Simulacra,而在第一次形成的多年后仍不清楚他们在MAGNUS中的角色。Niantic MAGNUS也是唯一已知的使用人造异域创建的MAGNUS。


MAGNUS Nests: Some Anomalous Zones seem to be designed to hold the natural bodies of MAGNUS Members who have become Simulacra. The bodies of MAGNUS members are preserved on 13 special slabs (which hide sophisticated XM-based functionality) while their Simulacra walk the earth. Based on current data, Simulacra are respawned from the original body every 1331 days with no memories of the last cycle. Some believe the duration of this cycle may be variable.

MAGNUS Nests玛格努斯之巢:一些异常区域似乎是为了保存已经变成Simulacra的MAGNUS成员自然的躯体而设计。MAGNUS成员的仿像步入实体世界时他们的身体放置于13个特殊石板上(隐藏了基于XM的复杂功能)。根据目前数据,仿像每1331天从原始身体重生,没有上一轮的记忆。有些人认为这个周期的持续时间可能会变。


MAGNUSES – Archetypes:13 known MAGNUS Archetypes have currently been identified. It is unknown if more exist. The definitions below are highly speculative and were taken from a former Niantic Project researcher.

MAGNUSES – Archetypes玛格努斯-原型: 目前已经确定了13个已知的MAGNUS原型,不清楚是否还有更多存在。下面给出的定义具有高度不确定性,消息来自于一位前Niantic项目研究员。