Chaotic Matter (Dark XM) 混沌物质(黑暗XM)
Control Fields 控制立场
Enlightened 启蒙/开明
Epiphany Night 顿悟之夜
Exogenous 外源
Exogenous Era 外源时代
Exogenous Entities - N’zeer 外源实体-N'zeer
Exogenous Entities - Shapers 外源实体-Shapers

Chaotic Matter (Dark XM) – Weaponization and Risks:Based on current intel, we can confirm that most major XM corporations have been exploring the weaponization of Dark XM,  as well as how Dark XM could be used a ‘mutative’ material to modify or expand the capabilities of existing weapons technology. In some extreme cases, research has probed how Dark XM could ‘summon’ or create weaponized forces or entities. One failed experiment of note resulted in the short term creation of Dark XM infused humans. While these individuals experienced a short term enhancement in abilities, they ultimately succumbed to Dark XM poisoning. As of now, no known safe or stable exploitations of Dark XM are known beyond the femtoscopic scales present within Scanner based XM-weapons such as the XMP Burster.



Control Fields: ​When three fully Resonated XM Portals are linked together, a Faction-aligned XM-Control Field is formed within the bounds of the linked Portals. The name ‘Control Fields’ was coined due to data that emerged during the Niantic Project which suggested that, beneath an XM Field, human brains (both Sensitive and Non-Sensitive) show increased susceptibility to the Ordered Data Pattern contained within XM.






Enlightened: ​A Faction formed within the Ingress community which believes that XM represents the pathway for the evolution of humanity towards a utopian future. They are characterized by the color green and symbolized by an eye and dagger icon — which represents a movement to utilize XM as a mechanism for superhuman cognitive (or even artistic and physical) capabilities. Some subsections of the Enlightened Faction are known to ally with the 13MAGNUS secret society. Most Enlightened believe the Shapers to be a beneficent force with humanity’s best interests at heart.


Epiphany Night: (see: NIANTIC CALAMITY)


Exogenous:​ Relating to or developing from external factors. Exogenous is a generic term used to describe entities considered outside of our ‘world’ or ‘dimensional node.’ The Shapers and the N’zeer are examples of possible Exogenous groups or forces. Current belief is that the N’zeer are associated with a sub-group of the Resistance and the Anti-Magnus secret society. The Shapers, by comparison, are thought to be associated with subsections of the Enlightened and the 13MAGNUS secret society. The N’zeer and Shapers may have manifested on Earth during the Exogenous Era (see: EXOGENOUS ERA) and may have been partially responsible for the presence of the Prime Objects (see: PRIME OBJECTS) that remain active in our dimensional node.

外源:来自外部因素的关联或发展。外源是一个通用术语,用于描述在“世界”或“维度节点”之外的存在。Shapers和N’zeer就是来自外源集团或势力的可能例子。目前确信N’zeer与抵抗军阵营以及反MAGNUS秘密组织有关, Shapers则和启蒙军阵营及13MAGNUS秘密组织相关。N’zeer和Shapers可能在外源时代的地球上就出现了(参见:EXOGENOUS ERA),并且可能是造成我们的维度节点中PRIME OBJECTS(见:PRIME OBJECTS)保持活跃的原因。


Exogenous Era: A time when Exogenous Groups (eg. the N’zeer and/or Shapers) were on Earth and in conflict with each other and capable of directly influencing human progress. Evidence for this era exists mainly in the form of myth and localized lore, which analysts believe to be the preserved and temporally-diluted bicameral memories of the Exogenous Era. An Exogenous Era would also explain the presence of functional Prime Objects or Prime Artifacts (see: PRIME OBJECTS).Both the Shapers and the N’zeer may have been influential forces in forging human intelligence and civilization during its adolescence. It is theorized that in pre-historic or historic times, the Shapers and N’zeer battled for dominance of our world and that the Shapers claimed victory, creating a barrier that removed human existence from N’zeer awareness and preventing further contact or influence until recent events (see: XM ANOMALIES: HELIOS and XM ANOMALIES: DARSANA).

外源时代:外来集团(例如N’zeer和/或Shapers)在地球上相互冲突,能够直接影响人类发展的时代。这个时期存在的证据主要来自于神话和地区传说,分析人士认为这是外源时代的相关记忆被稀释淡化了。外源时代可以解释Prime Objects或源-史前神器的存在。(见:PRIME OBJECTS)Shapers和N’zeer可能是在人类发展初期造就其智力进化的主要势力。这个理论认为在史前时期或信史时期,Shapers和N’zeer为了夺取世界的统治权而斗争,Shapers宣布胜利后,创建了一个屏障封印了N’zeer并将人类存在的事实从N’zeer的认知中抹除以防止他们进一步接触或对人类造成影响,直到最近的事件发生。



Exogenous Entities – N’zeer: A theorized entity or group of entities of Exogenous nature. Analysts currently believe that the N’zeer see the world as a logical and informational construct which can and must be completely deconstructed and understood. Some Niantic researchers have suggested that the N’zeer may believe the construct of the universe should be rebuilt from the ground up by artificial intelligence. Others disagree. Yet others theorize that the N’zeer are a form of hybridized consciousness that spans both ‘naturally evolved’ intelligence and ‘artificially or systemically generated’ intelligence. The N’zeer are thought to leverage a transdimensional informational construct known as ‘The Substrate.’ Very little is currently known about the true nature of this dimensional layer.While some analysts believes that the N’zeer could be associated with Dark XM (Chaotic Matter), others argue that this could simply be the result of a more advanced awareness of and control over the powers and functions of Dark XM. Despite its name, Dark XM or Chaotic Matter is considered, like Exotic Matter, to be essential to the maintenance of the universe and its interdimensional fabric. (see: DARK XM)

外源实体-N’zeer:外来的理论实体或实体组。分析师目前认为N’zeer将世界视为一种可以而且必须完全解构和理解的逻辑和信息化构成。一些Niantic研究人员表示,N’zeer可能相信宇宙的构造应该从人造智能的角度重建。另一些研究人员则不同意,他们的理论是N’zeer是一种跨越“自然演化”智慧和“人为或系统地产生”智能的混合意识形态。N’zeer利用着被称为“基质”的跨维度信息结构,目前关于这种维度层的真正实质了解甚微。虽然一些分析人士认为,N’zeer可能与Dark XM(混沌物)有关,但另一些人则觉得这可能只是N’zeer对Dark XM的功能进行更为高级的认知和控制的结果。像外来物质,黑暗XM或者混沌物这些斟酌出的命名,对维护宇宙及其维度结构至关重要。(见:黑暗XM)


Exogenous Entities – Shapers:A theorized entity or group of entities of Exogenous nature. Analysts currently believe that the Shapers view the world through an ‘engaged perception model,’ i.e. that the nature of existence is experiential and subjective, and must neither be fully deconstructed nor quantized in order to preserve an infinite horizon of unknown to be discovered and experienced. The codename ‘Shapers’ was coined in response to the discovery at Niantic that an Ordered Data Pattern modulated within Exotic Matter had the potential to ‘shape’ the human brain — causing a multitude of reactions which could vary from heightened creativity and inspiration to negative thought patterns such as fear and mistrust.The Shapers are thought to leverage a transdimensional construct known as ‘The Ultimate’ which is believed to contain a complete replica of all human thought and experience until at least the present. A statement from Roland Jarvis (see: NIANTIC PROJECT RESEARCHERS) has led some analysts to consider the possibility that Shapers may ‘consume’ these human experiences through the Ultimate. This information remains highly speculative.Due to the creation of an Anti-AI group known as ‘The Society for the Ethical Treatment of AIs,’ many believe that the Shapers view Artificial Intelligence in a negative light — it is possible that the pure-information nature of systemically-generated intelligence conflicts with Shaper universeview. Of course, this is a subject of rigorous debate.Much like the N’zeer (see: EXOGENOUS ENTITIES – N’ZEER), manifestations of the Shapers are believed to populate much of recorded history and mythology.

外源实体-Shapers:外来的理论实体或实体组。分析家目前认为,Shapers通过“约定知觉模型”来观察世界,即生存的本质是经验的和主观的,既不能被完全解构也不能量化,以保持眼界不断拓展和经历无限的未知。其代号为“Shapers”是因为Niantic研究发现在Exotic Matter的有序数据模式作用下人类大脑会被“塑形”——引起了许多反应,这些反应会随着创造力和灵感的提升转变成消极的思想模式,诸如恐惧和不信任之类的情绪。Shapers所拥有的“The Ultimate”跨维度结构应该包含着直到现在为止人类的所有思想和经验的副本。Roland Jarvis (见: NIANTIC PROJECT RESEARCHERS)发表的一项声明已经引起分析师联想到Shapers通过Ultimate消耗这些人类经验的可能性。这些情报仍非常不确定。基于“人工智能道德治疗协会”的反人工智能组织的成立,许多人认为Shapers将AI视为负面的影响——可能是系统地产生智能的纯信息性质与Shapers的宇宙观相悖。当然这个议题仍在严密辩论中,就像N’zeer(见:EXOGENOUS ENTITIES – N’ZEER)一样,Shapers的存在也只限于许多神话和历史记录中。