The Diodati Villa 迪欧达第别墅
Persepolis.​ Known Anti-Magnus associated Anomalous Zone 波斯波利斯(古波斯帝国都城之一),已知的反M组织相关异常区域
Anomalous Zones - Activation 异常区域-激活
Anomalous Events (XM Anomaly Events) 异常事件(XM异常)

The Diodati Villa. Current evidence supports the theory that this Anomalous Zone opened at the time of the Diodati Epiphany. It is possible that ‘Frankenstein’ by Mary Shelley may have been inspired by a ‘Human Tecthulhu’ experiment carried out in the villa by some form of Alchemist or Proto-Spiritualist.




Persepolis.​ Known Anti-Magnus associated Anomalous Zone. Analyst confidence is high that Alexander (also known as Iskander/Sikander) was looking for or attempting to destroy this site when he razed the city. Is believed to contain a massive supercomputer of N‘zeer origin that Jahan made a failed attempt to activate. Data suggests that ADA was successfully able to inhabit this supercomputer for some time, merging with N’zeer intelligence and gaining transdimensional computational abilities temporarily.




Anomalous Zones – Activation:异常区域-激活

  • ​ ​Entry into Anomalous Zones is believed to be presaged by the creation of Tecthulhus, though this remains an open line of inquiry with much further research needed. (See: TECTHULHUS).
  • ​ 异常区域的入口据悉是由科苏鲁创建,不过这是条仍开放的调查路线,需要更进一步的研究。
  • ​ ​It is believed that a ‘Prime Object’ is needed to enter the Anomalous Zone. One such Prime Object was the Shonin Stone, which was used at the Afghan Anomaly. Prime Object are thought to function like a Key or a Security Card in this case, however this is not the only known function of a Prime Object.
  • ​ 进入异常区域需要使用Prime Object,其中之一是在阿富汗异常时使用的证人石,这种情况下Prime Object类似钥匙或者安全卡一类的作用,但这不是它的唯一已知功用。
  • ​ ​Prime Objects seem to re-synchronize with the world after a short time, so Anomalous Zone Portals are open only temporarily when accessed via a Prime Object.
  • ​ Prime Objects似乎只能在短时间内和世界重新同步,所以在用其访问异常区域时,门泉只能暂时开启。
  • ​ ​Based on current data, space seems to remain largely the same, but time fluctuates wildly within an Anomalous Zone. For example, ​Obsidius, an ancient Roman explorer, records having appeared at the Enlightened Compound in a current era. It is possible that the location may exhibit many of its temporal variants simultaneously, i.e. all instances of this location may be made accessible for a time. For example, ​Hank Johnson documented running through a network of tunnels, some of which no longer exist, some of which have not yet existed (as of the 21st century) and some of which exist now. As time flickered (when the zone was closing) the tunnels appeared to change.
  • ​ 根据目前数据显示,异常区域内的空间看上去基本保持不变,但时间会大幅度波动。例如古罗马探险家Obsidius在当今时代出现在启蒙军阵营。可能是该位置可同时展现不同的时间段,即在一段时间内在该处可以访问所有已展现的时间区。例如有文件记录Hank Johnson曾穿过一条隧道网络,其中一些已经消失,一些尚未显现(于21世纪),一些现仍存在。当时间开始波动(地区关闭时),隧道也随之改变。
  • ​ ​To the casual observer, Anomalous Zones may not appear to leverage what we associate with modern technology (unless modified by human intervention) because the technology seems to be embedded within stone-like structures (some theorize they can also be biological/plant-like structure). When activated, XM energy patterns form and are observed flowing through these stone structures.
  • ​ 就偶然的观测来看,异常区域似乎没使用到我们现代科技相关的技术(除非被人为干预),因为这种技术像是嵌入了石状结构中(某些理论上也是生物/植物样结构)。当它激活时,可以看到XM能量在这些石结构中流过并形成图案。
  • ​ ​XM Prime Artifacts can sabotage or destroy the functioning of Anomalous Zones, at least in the short term. (Under certain circumstance Power Cubes and other XM Scanner Constructs may be able to affect an Anomalous Zone though this has never been successfully demonstrated).
  • XM人工制品具有在短期内损坏或破坏异常区域的功能。(特定情况下Power Cubes和其他XM扫描仪结构可能会影响异常区域,尽管还没成功演示过。)
  • ​ ​A MAGNUS nest is sometimes present within an Anomalous Zone. (See: MAGNUS NESTS)
  • MAGNUS nest有时会位于异常区域内(参见MAGNUS NESTS)。


Anomalous Events (XM Anomaly Events):XM Anomaly events are variants of Anomalous Zones known to occur across the world, causing or caused by Ingress Agents gathering in large numbers. It is not known if the presence of the Agents en masse results in an XM Anomaly Event, or if the Agents are drawn to these specific places and times for some other unknown reason. The ‘outcome’ of Anomalies is known to be capable of causing temporal decision points — changes in the flow of the future. Niantic Labs has taken an active role in promoting and organizing XM Anomaly Events, which are attended by thousands, even tens of thousands of Agents. They are represented as part of a ‘game’, but we suspect that Niantic has another purpose for them. It is unclear what this is. Active Research continues. A number of XM Anomalies and their outcomes are documented in Appendix G: XM Anomalies.



Chaotic Matter (Dark XM): ​A variant of transdimensional Exotic Matter that (we currently believe) exists in very small and difficult to obtain quantities. Dark XM has a number of powerful properties that has made it a highly sought after substance within the XM research community. When Dark XM makes contact with Exotic Matter, the two interact violently and neutralize each other. Precious metals (such as Gold, Wolframite, Tantalum etc.) are known to spontaneously generate as a result of this reaction. Dark XM has been shown capable of causing changes within the perceptible universe (as compared to many of Exotic Matter’s effects which are primarily observable only using specialized equipment such as an Ingress Scanner).

混沌物(黑暗XM):(我们目前认为)存在着非常少量而且难以获取样本的他维度异常物变种。黑暗XM具有许多非常强大的性能,使其成为XM研究界备受追捧的物质。当黑暗XM和Exotic Matter接触时,二者会相互剧烈作用并抵消。已知重金属(如金、黑钨矿、钽等)就是这种反应后自发生成的产物。Dark XM已被证明能够在可感知的宇宙中引起变化(比较其他Exotic Matter产生的效果,黑暗XM只能在专门的设备上观测到,如Ingress扫描器)。