13MAGNUS 13玛格努斯
Abaddon/ABADN 阿巴顿
Anti-Magnus 反玛格努斯
Access Points (AP) 准入点
Anomalous Zones 异常区域
The Afghan Anomaly 阿富汗异常
The Jahanite Palace Jahanite宫殿
Enlightened Compound 启蒙复合(大苏尔,加利福尼亚附近)
Mount Vesuvius 维苏威火山

13MAGNUS: An Enlightened allied ancient secret society charged with protecting knowledge about the Shapers, Prime Objects, the power of XM, and XM’s use in sophisticated technologies. These technologies include rejuvenation, recursion, Anomalous zones and “patterning” (an interaction between the human mind and a construct known as ‘The Ultimate.’ The Ultimate is believed to be a transdimensional information medium that the Shapers (see: EXOGENOUS ENTITIES – SHAPERS) are capable of interfacing with through XM. The ‘Azmati’ family is one known bastion of 13MAGNUS members.

13MAGNUS:一个启蒙阵营的古代秘密组织,负责保护关于Shapers、Prime Objects、XM之力、XM在复杂技术中应用的知识。这些技术包括恢复活力、递归、异常区域和“图形结构”(人类思维与“The Ultimate”结构之间的相互作用)。”The Ultimate”被认为是一种跨维度信息媒介,Shapers(参见EXOGENOUS ENTITIES – SHAPERS)通过XM进行连接。



Abaddon/ABADN: (see: NIANTIC FACILITY). Abaddon, in mythology, is roughly synonymous with Apollyon, as it is both the name of a mythological figure and a place that is often associated with Hell or ‘Sheol.’ Its relevance to the Ingress Investigation comes from the fact that Ezekiel Calvin, for reasons that are not fully understood, chose to code name a scientific facility and Anomalous Zone beneath the Niantic CERN site ABADN (an acronym for Advanced Biological Augmented Dimensional Node). A few accounts of visits to the ABADN Anomalous Zone exist. They are chronicled in the Ingress Investigation as well as in the suppressed Felicia Hajra-Lee novella, Level 9. It is commonly believed that the bodies of the Niantic Researchers were held in ABADN until the global Shard Event known as #FATEOFTHE13, which disrupted the current MAGNUS (see: MAGNUS NESTS). It is unclear what happened to this chamber following the fracturing of the original Niantic MAGNUS.

Abaddon/ABADN: (参见NIANTIC FACILITY).阿巴顿,在神话中和阿波罗大致同义,它既是一个神话人物的名字,也是一个经常与地狱或冥府有关的地方。与ingress调查相关的事实来自于Ezekiel Calvin,由于对其尚未完全了解,在Niantic CERN下设置了命名为ABADN(高等生物增强维度节点首字母缩写)的科学设施和异常区域项目。有几个ABADN异常区域存在的访问记录,收录在ingress调查以及Felicia Hajra-Lee的中篇小说Level9里。通常认为Niantic研究人员的尸体保存在ABADN,直到那次瓦解了当前MAGNUS(参见MAGNUS NESTS)的#FATEOFTHE13全球碎片事件出现。尚不清楚在原始Niantic MAGNUS破碎后这个腔室里发生了什么。


Anti-Magnus:Another ancient secret society — a counterpart to the Enlightened oriented 13MAGNUS. Anti-Magnus has strong Resistance and pro-AI leanings. Similarly charged with protecting knowledge about the N’zeer, Prime Objects, the power of XM, and XM’s use in sophisticated technologies. Anti-Magnus groups may, in addition, possess some ancient knowledge about the use of Dark XM, as well as methods by which ‘the N’zeer Substrate’ (see: EXOGENOUS ENTITIES – N’ZEER) can be accessed. The N’zeer substrate is believed to be a quantum computation system that exists across multiple simultaneous dimensions. The ‘Jahanite’ family is one known lineage which preserves Anti-Magnus secrets and traditions.

Anti-Magnus:另一个古老的神秘组织——对应启蒙阵营的13MAGNUS。反M组织具有强抵抗力并且高度倾向于使用AI。同样负责保护关于N’ZEER、Prime Objects、XM之力以及XM在复杂技术中的应用的知识。此外反M组织还掌握古老的如何使用黑暗XM的方法,以及“N’zeer基质”(参见EXOGENOUS ENTITIES – N’ZEER)的访问办法。N’zeer基质是个同时跨多维度存在的量子计算系统。已知“Jahanite”家族是保留着反M传统和秘密的族系。


Access Points (AP): ​A metric tracking the status of Ingress Agents for accomplishing tasks such as destroying, deploying or recharging resonators, linking Portals, creating XM Control Fields etc.

Access Points (AP):准入点,一个衡量Ingress 特工完成诸如破坏,部署或充电谐振器,连接门泉,创建XM控制立场等任务的指标。


Anomalous Zones: ​Anomalous Zones are believed to be extremely powerful variances within the Portal Network that can occasionally ‘erupt’ with a number of real world consequences. Some Anomalous Zones are semi-predictable and can trigger XM-based temporal decision points (See: XM ANOMALY EVENTS). Anomalous Zones can also impact the surrounding Portal Network in a number of ways, including the appearance of what are known as ‘Volatile Portals.’ The evidence thus far indicates that Anomalous Zones cycle through periods of activity and inactivity. The cause remains unknown. Some Anomalous

Zones are known to house MAGNUS Nests (See: MAGNUS NESTS). This and associated topics are under active research. Analysts currently rate our understanding of the properties and capabilities of Anomalous Zones as ‘Very Poor.’

A number of known or strongly suspected Anomalous Zones are listed below, however, nearly all of this data is anecdotal in origin. Many of these places have been identified by Sensitives as ‘Power Spots’ on Earth.

Anomalous Zones:异常区域是门泉网络中产生的极其强烈的变异,偶尔爆发折射到现实世界的某些区域。一些异常区域的出现是半可预测的,可触发XM-based的临时决定点(见XM ANOMALY EVENTS)。异常区域也可以通过多种方式影响周边的门泉网络,包括所谓的“不稳定门泉”的出现。迄今为止的证据表明异常区域一直是在活跃和休止间循环。原因还不清楚。MAGNUS Nests之家也会产生异常区域,这点和相关主题还在积极研究中。分析师目前评估我们对异常区域的性质和功用的理解知识“非常贫乏”。以下列出了一些已知或高度疑似的异常区域,但几乎所有数据都是多逸闻轶事的地区。许多场所已被敏感者识别为地球上的“能量节点”。


The Afghan Anomaly. A known MAGNUS Nest where Hank Johnson died, was enshrined by a member of the Azmati family and returned as an XM Simulacrum (See: SIMULACRA).

阿富汗异常区:Hank Johnson在此处身亡,后被Azmati家族以XM幻象的形式置于神龛中送回。


The Jahanite Palace. Evidence indicates that Hank Johnson was able to hide in time in this place and was also able to access a library that no longer exists in the present (or is at the very least physically unreachable in the present.)

Jahanite宫殿:证据表明Hank Johnson能在这个地方及时藏匿,亦可访问现今已不存在的藏书室(至少现在在物理上不可抵达)。


ABADN (also known as ‘Abaddon’, acronym for Advanced Biological Augmented Dimensional Node). A known MAGNUS Nest located beneath the Niantic Project Facility, CERN. The only known ‘man-made’ Anomalous Zone.

ABADN:也称为阿巴顿,(Advanced Biological Augmented Dimensional Node的缩写),位于CERN的Niantic项目设施下的一个已知MAGNUS Nest。目前唯一的“人造”异常区域。


Enlightened Compound (near Big Sur, CA).​ Attempts to identify the actual physical location of this Compound have failed, suggesting that the entire Compound may exist within a temporally variant Anomalous Zone.



Mount Vesuvius.Evidence suggests that the Vesuvian MAGNUS operated from a chamber within Vesuvius. Legends suggest that Exogenous interference by either the Shapers or the N’zeer may have led to the destruction of this MAGNUS, but this could be pareidolia and/or historical mythologization.

维苏威火山:证据表明Vesuvian MAGNUS操控着维苏威火山内一处空间。传说认为无论是Shapers还是N’zeer的外来干涉都可能摧毁这个MAGNUS,但这可能是种幻想性视错觉,和/或历史的神话化。